Blenheim E1060 Electric Fire

£295.00 £195.00

The E1060 is a NEW electric fire featuring LED technology designed to significantly improve the flame picture and running performance. This modern technology is not only easier on the eye but it is a fraction of the cost to run a standard conventional bulb and will last longer too. To keep the operation simple you have the three control options: 1) Flame effect only, 2) Flame + 1kW Heat, 3) Flame + 2kW Heat. The controls are mounted discretely under the hood and can be accessed easily.

Additional information

Heat Output

1 and 2kw settings


Overall size – height 590 mm x width 485 mm. Recess engine – full depth 120 mm. Half depth with part spacer 76 mm included with fire. Full free standing spacer included with fire.