Serenity 45 Inset

With its landscape proportions this stove gives a wide and enjoyable aspect of the mesmerising flames dancing and burning brightly in the firebox. The Serenity 45 Inset Load logs up to 500mm in length and sit back and enjoy the comfortable convection and radiated heat through the full glass window door. A simple single air control lever regulates the air to both the primary and secondary airwash to allow optimum and efficient burning when burning wood or approved smokeless fuels. Designed with a maximum depth of only 354mm making it ideal for installations into the traditional British fireplace.

  • 4.9kW nominal output
  • 80% efficiency with burning wood
  • Full glass window
  • Wall or hearth mounted
  • Load logs up to 500mm
  • Optional fresh air connection to an outside supply
  • Single lever air control
  • Tested and approved to EN13229 for wood and approved smokeless fuel
  • Defra approved
  • Choose between 3 & 4 sided (50mm or 68mm) frame options
Special orders
  • Stainless steel door and air control handles

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DEFRA approved